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Your company provides a great product or a new service. The first enthusiastic clients have been generating turnover for some time now. There are now great opportunities to grow and increase your margins; opportunities you want to take advantage of. The challenges, however, are considerable and you and your team can take on a lot, but not everything. You need additional, targeted funding and, just as importantly, the experience, knowledge and skills to facilitate this growth and optimization. We’d love to talk.

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My heart lies in Grehamer Invest. I love having the opportunity to guide young, unique companies which, with additional capital and a strengthened company structure, have the potential to grow.
Rik Klinkhamer

Managing Partner

What are we looking for
in you and your company?

You radiate energy and passion. You are fully aware of your own strengths, yet also recognise those areas that you are not so strong in.
Your product or service is contemporary, innovative and expandable; the specific sector is less relevant. Our portfolio speaks for itself.
You are no longer in the start-up phase but already up and running. Your turnover is in the thousands of euros.
You want to stay in control and are looking for more than just funding.

What can we offer you
and your company?

If required, we can provide our expertise and network. Whether you need to decide on an optimal financing structure, have make-or-buy considerations, are thinking about acquisitions or want to optimize your business processes: we have the people and the network to help you. You can also make use of our shared services, for example in the area of business control.
We’ll brainstorm with you. As entrepreneurs and professional advisors, our team and partners have helped many companies achieve growing success. We know the ropes and enjoy using our experience to help ambitious entrepreneurs.
We’re looking for a minority interest in investments. We’re open to suggestions and have no fixed exit deadline.

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